Ingoma Nshya (Rwanda)

Ingoma Nshya perform outside Inzozi Nziza

Our partners and co-owners in the Inzozi Nziza project are the remarkable women of Ingoma Nshya.

Created in 2005 by Odile Gakire Katese, better known as Kiki, Ingoma Nshya is Rwanda’s first ever women’s drumming group. Drumming in Rwanda, long considered the dominion of men, has been given a new renaissance by this group of women from all walks of Rwandan life. The group, now numbering over 100, has performed both within Rwanda and abroad.

To read more about these inspiring, talented women, see this article at the Power of Culture.


12 thoughts on “Ingoma Nshya (Rwanda)

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  3. […] the list of 17 to 10 official Inzozi Nziza employees. We haven’t forgotten about the rest of Ingoma Nshya, though… even though we can only offer employment to ten women, English lessons are […]

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  6. […] workers are shareholders, with an active, invested role in the business. All one hundred women of Ingoma Nshya have been offered training in English, hospitality and computing, thus providing education and […]

  7. […] Nziza is co-owned by  Ingoma Nshya, Rwanda’s first women’s drumming group.  Created in 2004, its members now number over […]

  8. D'vorah says:

    Hello. I am studying in Kigali and am hoping to make a trip to Butare on the 18th of April for a few days. I would love to meet with somebody and talk about the drum group. Is this a possibility? I am also very interesting in meeting Kiki Katese if that is possible.

  9. D'vorah says:

    Unfortunately I left Kigali back in May. Thank you for your response, though.

  10. Jeff says:

    Hello, I hope that you read this. I am searching for contacts to purchase the drums from the most skilled master craftsmen in the area, such as Denis Kagaba. Also interested in basket, wood art etc, but only from the most skilled crafters. Please reply or email to

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