Our projects

Inzozi Nziza

Blue Marble Dreams’ pilot initiative is a partnership with a group of dynamic women in Butare, Rwanda, which will lead to the creation of Rwanda’s first ever local ice cream shop.

Inzozi Nziza (“Sweet Dreams”) aims to provide education to local women, a thriving business to the town of Butare – and the perfect place to relax and eat ice cream for everyone.

The shop will offer delicious, refreshing soft serve ice cream, produced where possible from locally sourced fruits and ingredients, including milk from local farmers. We’ll also be roasting Rwandan coffee to take away or to sip inside.

Our workers are shareholders, with an active, invested role in the business. All one hundred women of Ingoma Nshya have been offered training in English, hospitality and computing, thus providing education and opportunity to those who in many cases have been offered little of either.

We believe in the transformative potential of ice cream – and entrepreneurship – as a source of happiness and sustainable livelihoods for those in need. If you do too, we hope you’ll follow our progress, taste our flavours and be a part of the sweetest of dreams.

Click here to see all our latest news from Rwanda.

Our fundraising
Fundraising for Blue Marble Dreams originates from the USA. Follow Blue Marble Dreams on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

If you’d like to donate to Blue Marble Dreams, go to bluemarbledreams.org and click on support.


6 thoughts on “Our projects

  1. i have nothing to surport but i r’l appreciate what u are doing for my country i like that kind of innovation!!!

  2. […] for something other than fried and stewed bananas for lunch I walked into Inzozi Nziza.  I’m invited to the proprietor’s place for Thanksgiving, and if their pineapple […]

  3. […] We spent the night and found a wonderful little cafe selling ice-cream and cakes and local coffee. Inzozi Nziza, Sweet Dreams, aims to support the local community and provide a social gathering place. They […]

  4. Annette Uwizeye says:

    the sweetest project yet! so inspiring, thanks to Kiki for making the connection that will brighten peoples day with a simple icecream!

  5. Angie says:

    I love this! I am currently in Kigali and just found this. Love the partnership and of course I am an American so I love ice cream! If I have time while here, I definitely want to visit the shop, keep up the awesome work!

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