Ingoma Nshya

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to watch Ingoma Nshya, the drumming group that founded Inzozi Nziza and now make up members of the cooperative, perform. This special performance was specifically for a group from a project within Buffalo State University called The Anne Frank Project. You can find out more about their organization here

Here are some pictures from the performance!

Before the show, the women heat the drums to improve the sound quality:


The performance includes both drumming and elements of Rwandan traditional dance:




I was very impressed by the large number of women who came to drum:



Some of you may recognize Clementine and Marta (pictured below) from their recent trip and many performances in DC, NY and Holland:


Valentine works at the shop and drums in Ingoma Nshya. She is not only a great drummer, but she is also particularly talented at Rwandan traditional dance:


Hopefully I will be able to put up some short videos of the drumming soon.

After the performance the group from Buffalo State came to Inzozi Nziza to enjoy lunch and ice cream of course!



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