Rwanda is famous for its gorillas. Up north, gorilla trekking in the volcanic parks is the main tourist attraction.


Here in the Southern Provence of Rwanda, where Inzozi Nziza is located, we may not have Rwanda’s famous gorillas, but we do have plenty of monkeys! You can see these monkeys running all over the streets of Butare. I regularly see them on my walk to the shop, down the road from the shop near the National University, and eating sweet potatoes that they steal from our neighbors on our roof in the morning. Yesterday, I finally took some pictures of these little monkeys across the street from my house and wanted to share them with everyone!


Monkeys across the street from my house.



See the baby monkey holding on??!

Wondering what other animals you are likely to see on the streets of Butare? Keep your eye out for a post on goats coming soon…


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