Chocolate Ice Cream!

This morning when I got into the shop, I tasted the fresh batch of chocolate ice cream, and it was amazing! Each day Inzozi Nziza gets a fresh batch of milk delivered to them to make ice cream and to use with the tea and coffee as well as in other treats. The taste of the fresh dairy really comes through in the ice cream of every flavor, but today the chocolate was especially delicious! Blue Marble in New York may have some competition!

To make each batch of ice cream the women have to stir the ingredients together for a long time. Leocadie must have super strong arms from all her stirring!


Leocadie mixing up some chocolate ice cream!

While 2-3 women work in the kitchen, Chantal and Louise have been upstairs all day in the office working on the books. They are very detail oriented and diligent workers! Julienne brings them some ice cream while they work!


Julienne swirling a teta, our smallest size for ice cream.


Two tetas are ready!


Chantal and Louise working away…and taking a short ice cream break!

Stopping by Inzozi Nziza today? Try some chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on top! Yummm


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