Inzozi Nziza is dreaming bigger!



In case you haven’t heard….Inzozi Nziza is expanding to the capital! Our store in Butare has been a success so far! We have been able to employ ten women, have paid  internships for local university students, develop the local economy by supporting various farmers and producers, created a safe community space for Rwandans to go to, amongst many other things! We know that with a shop in Kigali, a the capital city with more people and a higher median income, we will not only be able to economically empower a new group of women, but we will also be able to further help the initial group of women involved in Butare!

How are we making this possible? With an indeigogo campaign and we need your help! For the past few weeks Blue Marble Dreams has been working hard to raise our $10,000 goal to gain the initial capital necessary to open the new shop. To learn all about this trip and what Blue Marble Dreams is planning visit our campaign –!

We only have 36 hours of our campaign left and we need your help to make this dream a reality!



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