Spotlight: Two Inzozi Nziza Women at University!

Here at Inzozi Nziza, we consider ourselves a family.  One of the goals of the project is to see the members of this family succeed in as many arenas of life as possible; the big-picture of Inzozi Nziza includes the long-lasting effects of involving women in economic development.  By connecting women with opportunities for income-generation, professional development, and education, we hope to contribute to the overall push for forward momentum here in Rwanda.

We are so very proud, therefore, to congratulate two of our staff members who have recently begun their University education here in Rwanda!  Marie Rose and Leatitia, two of our very own, have almost completed their first semesters at school.  Both young women are studying science, an impressive feat.

We're so proud of Rose!

Studying at a beautiful university in the Eastern Province, Marie Rose plans to specialize in veterinarian science.  “I like animals,” she says, “All types of animals – cows, goats, dogs, cats.   And I want to be able to help them.”  Veterinary science is a very useful skill in Rwanda, especially in terms of agriculture; cows, goats, and sheep all represent important aspects of Rwanda’s agronomy, and their health is a significant piece of the puzzle.  We’re very proud of Rose’s ambition, and excited to support her through her journey!

Leatita hard at work

Leatitia is a student at the National University of Rwanda, just down the road from Inzozi Nziza!  She is studying biology, and is considering a future in medicine.  We’re very lucky to have Leatitia so close; she has been working part-time while studying, so we still get to see her around the business from time to time!

Both students are about to enter their final exams for their first semester, and we wish them the best of luck!


***Kinyarwanda Corner***

University – kaminuza (“ka-mee-noo-zah”)

To study – kwiga (“kwee-gah”)

To read – gusoma (“goo-soh-mah”)

Student – umunyeshyuri (“ooh-m00-nyeh-shyoo-ree”)

Professor – umwarimu (“oo-mwah-ree-moo”)


One thought on “Spotlight: Two Inzozi Nziza Women at University!

  1. Aime says:

    wow, so happy of rose and laetitia. They were clever even when i was teaching them English and computer.i believe they will do a great job at university…

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