A Delicious Addition!

Here at Inzozi Nziza, we’re proud to say that we’ve been developing some delicious new ideas!  Through Chantal’s training, Inzozi Nziza has already learned so much that we’re able to take directly into our kitchen and serve up for our customers.

The first of these items is our delicious new “cupcake.”  Light and fluffy, but with a certain satisfying heartiness, our cupcakes are made with vanilla batter and are filled with either wholegrain, homemade granola or with rich chocolate drops.

The delicious Rwandan version of cupcakes!

Here in Rwanda, such a delicacy is very rare – almost as rare as ice cream!  Our local and foreign customers alike have been delighted to partake in our new treat.  If you find yourself in the area and feel like indulging, we highly recommend that you give these a try!  They go very nicely with a side of ice cream.

Restude is proud of our new product!

In addition, Chantal has trained the staff in a new type of cookie.  In the past, we’ve always served our homemade Rwandan tea and coffee with a complimentary Marie cookie.  Now, the ladies of Inzozi Nziza are making our own cookies to go with our delicious beverages, and also to be sold separately!

The cookies are truly incredible – flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth good.  Something many of our foreign visitors especially might associate with Grandma.  Inzozi Nziza has truly taken its baking skills to the next level.

Chantal, Seraphine, and Restude show off our cookies

Chantal and the other ladies are very happy with these news products – “We like having more baked goods in our cabinet; it looks nice, and the customers love it when we change up the things that we sell in the shop,” says Chantal.  In addition, the ladies are demonstrating continually developing skills in business; the cookies are not only a much higher quality than our previous boxed cookies, but they make better business sense: they cost less to make than the old cookies cost to buy from a store in the capital!  We’re very proud of our businesswomen here at Inzozi Nziza.


***Kinyarwanda Corner***

New – Nshya (“unnshyah”)

Product – Ibintu (“eebeen-who”)

Cookies – Biscuit (“beesquee” – from the French)

I’m happy – Ndashyimea (“ndahsheemeeyay”)


Coming up next: Inzozi Nziza is very focused on our role in the community; once a month we host our own Community Service Day here at the shop.  Tune back in later this week to learn more about the traditional Umuganda (Day of Service) in Rwanda, and Inzozi Nziza’s fun twist on the event!


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