Building Inzozi Nziza’s Team

As a way of building Inzozi Nziza’s team this week at our weekly staff meeting, we tried something new. All of the women at Inzozi Nziza depend on each other. They work together on all sorts of different projects and daily activities. In order to develop this trust, this week we introduced them to trust falls.

Danae, our new Peace Corps Volunteer, explains how to perform the trust fall.

For a trust fall, all of the women stood in a circle while one stood in the middle. The person in the middle would then cross her arms, close her eyes and spin around before falling towards the outer circle where she is caught by her co-workers.

Rose leans back and allows the group to catch her.

Besides bonding and enjoying themselves, the activity has larger implications for Inzozi Nziza. Louise our manager relates this to the work place. “When one woman in the workplace has a problem, she needs to tell the others. We have to trust each other to resolve issues so that we can catch each other when we start to fall.” At each week’s staff meeting we hope to continue building out team with different activities and exercises. Looking at the bigger picture, we hope to introduce many larger team building exercises to the entire team of women in the Cooperative in their upcoming monthly meetings in order to continue to strengthen the relationships that are essential to Inzozi Nziza’s success.


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