A visit to Karaba!- The Coffee Making Process

As Inzozi Nziza continues with its new coffee project, we went to visit a coffee cooperative called Koakaka in Karaba to learn about the entire process that takes place to turn coffee cherries into a cup of coffee we then serve at the shop! Here are some of the steps we learned:

Coffee beans start as red cherries on a tree:

The red cherries are put in a pool and washed; the outer shell is separated from the bean:

Ali a Peace Corps Volunteer explains the process of making coffee. Here she stands near the red cherries that have been separated from their beans.

The beans are then washed and left to soak in pools of water:

They are then left to dry on huge long tables:

Finally, they are sorted through according to quality, and we are sold the green beans, which we then roast on site.

Besides learning about the process of making coffee, we also learned about social programs that are available for the coffee farmers to help promote a sustainable lifestyle and successful and healthy coffee cooperative. One program is called theatre for development, and it is organized by SPREAD, a US funded aid project. In this project, participants, who are coffee farmers and leaders in their communities, learn to perform skits that depict problems in their communities. Some of the most prominent problems that have been portrayed in skits are alcoholism, malnutrition, family violence, lack of cooperation between coffee farmers, and sugar daddies. The workshops and idea of theatre for development is to help these participants develop skits that they can in turn present to their communities to help the entire community overcome its problems.

Coffee farmers at a cooperative in Maraba perform a skit. Children from a nearby school gather to watch during their break.


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