Rock on

Since opening, we’ve wanted to put music in the shop. We started out acoustic, first outside the shop with our drums …

…then we filled the shop with our laughter and singing, adding customers and the bustle from the street outside. Now, we’ve finally amped up!

As song one filled the shop, Louise said “no more working cold!” (our English translation of a Rwandan expression). Customers enjoy it and so do we!

Today, Lady Gaga came on. We danced and sang while we worked. You could even hear Seraphine humming and singing “Bad Romance”. Yep, we’re fans!

What’s on our playlist? Random stuff, popular new artists like Akon, East African hits, Dixie Chicks and Glee (how did they get on the shop computer?) to early 90s love songs (Bryan Adams and Celene Dion are loved here) and we’ve received no less than three requests for Kenny Rogers (coming soon).

We’re on the lookout for good internet radio stations and playlist ideas. Have something to share? Please do!


2 thoughts on “Rock on

  1. Christine says:

    Try – you can customize the radio station(s) to the music you like!

  2. ade says:

    Cold War by Janelle Monae…actually anything by her.
    Her music is awesome.
    Also some Fela!

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