The Milk Delivery

The success of Inzozi Nziza does not just depend on the hard work of our employees, volunteers and interns. We also rely on the cooperation of our vendors and the quality of their products. So we wanted to give credit where credit is due and tell you a bit about the projects and businesses we work with.

Habineza Valens and Mukantwari Rebecca outside their shop in Nyanza

Habineza Valens and Mukantwari Rebecca are the husband and wife team who provide Inzozi Nziza with the fresh milk that we use to make our ice cream and sell by the glass. In 1995, as Rwanda was rebuilding after the genocide, Valens and Rebecca decided to restart their own lives as well. Living in Nyanza – the dairy capital of Rwanda – Valens and Rebecca started purchasing milk wholesale from farmers and bringing it to market to resell. They began buying only five liters a day. Fifteen years later they are buying anywhere from 450 to 600 liters of local milk a day and more.

hot milk is poured into metal pots to cool before being packaged and sent off

Valens and Rebecca have two employees – and four sons – to help boil and package the milk, collected from at least six different farms, each with anywhere between eight and thirty cows. They produce good ol’ regular milk and ikivuguto, a more pungent buttermilk-like variety. Some of this milk is sold at the restaurant and shop they have opened with money from the distribution business (they also have a printing and photocopy shop attached). The majority of the milk, however, is sold in bulk to shops and restaurants in Kigali, Butare and Nyanza. Their biggest client is our neighbor, the National University of Rwanda, which purchases around 350 liters everyday. Inzozi Nziza orders about 75 liters a week, making us small potatoes in comparison – for now.

a still warm cup of milk is poured through the strainer and ready to drink

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