Meet the interns

Ernestine and Aime outside the shop

We would like to more formally introduce our fabulous interns from the National University of Rwanda – Aime and Ernestine. Both interns have been tirelessly helping out here at Inzozi Nziza since February and have seen the shop through its many stages of development. They were introduced to the shop through Orphans of Rwanda, an American-based organization that supports university studies for over 180 Rwandan students. ORI offers talented young people comprehensive support as they pursue their educations and connects them with career-building internships, training and workshops.

As interns at Inzozi Nziza, Aime and Ernestine have been invaluable, translating both manuals and meetings, helping teach English, and working to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Barely a day goes by that they don’t stop by to help out or just say hello. For Ernestine, a business administration student, working at Inzozi Nziza has been a great opportunity to see the ins and outs of starting a business, particularly one operated and managed by women – something she hopes to do herself one day. But working at the shop has been valuable beyond just the career experience. Inzozi Nziza has become her family. According to Ernestine, the women she works with are the mothers and sisters she didn’t have growing up.

Aime shows Marie Rose how to use the computer. And check out our new office cabinets!

As a journalism and communications student at NUR, Aime has been particularly excited by the chance to practice his already stellar English. And as his fluency grows, Aime is also thrilled to see how the shop has developed. The transformation is truly incredible – what was just an empty storefront and a bright idea a few months ago has turned into a bustling local hangout frequented by his friends. Aime and Ernestine’s hard work and commitment have been crucial to Inzozi Nziza and we are so happy to have had their continuing help. Fortunately for us, they are looking forward to being involved, as friends and coworkers, for a long time to come.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the interns

  1. Hooray for Aime and Ernestine! So bright, responsible and lovely! We are really happy and grateful to have you in the Inzozi Nziza family.

  2. Aime Nshizirungu says:

    Thank u Nelly for your job and your help here at Inzozi Nziza!!!!
    We’re really happy to have you as intern at Inzozi Nziza and hope we’ll learn a lot from you.

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