Inzozi Nziza – Bursting With Flavor

Coffee ice cream with granola toppings are a hit. Seraphine smiles in the background.

Here at Inzozi Nziza we are pleased to offer our customers a variety of delicious local ice cream flavors. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of fresh fruit grown right here in Rwanda. We offer strawberry, pineapple, mango and maracuja ā€“ Kinyarwanda for passion fruit, a Rwandan favorite. In addition, the women of Inzozi Nziza make coffee ice cream, using the Rwandan beans that are shipped all over the world. Offering flavors made from local products is good for the environment (it saves energy in transportation) and helps keep our production costs low by avoiding high shipping expenses. Strawberry and pineapple are particular favorites of both customers and employees — especially when topped with our crunchy homemade granola.

The biggest hit, however, is vanilla. Unfortunately, vanilla is not produced in Rwanda and we have to have our vanilla beans delivered all the way from New York! This means that we try not to make vanilla ice cream too often. But it is important to try to provide our customers with the flavors and products they want, and traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla and chocolate are in high demand. We have purchased cocoa powder and are looking to develop a chocolate ice cream, but we want to try to keep our focus on the many tasty flavors found in Rwanda. Do you have any suggestions? Should we keep it local, helping our budget and the environment, or should we ensure that customer requests are answered?


One thought on “Inzozi Nziza – Bursting With Flavor

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