Up and running at Inzozi Nziza

Welcome to Inzozi Nziza!

With opening day out of the way, it feels great to be up and running, no longer a sweet dream but a bricks-and-mortar reality on the streets of Butare, Rwanda. While here on the blog we’ve been tapping away on such subjects as English lessons, shop construction and the daily mishaps of launching such a strange and wonderful project, maybe it’s time to take a moment to explain just what goes on in Inzozi Nziza itself.

We make our ice cream fresh in the shop from Rwandan ingredients. Flavours thus far have included maracouja (passion fruit), pineapple, strawberry and plain (but delicious) sweet cream. We’re still enjoying experimenting with more combinations, and we’ve got our eyes on several new flavours: honey from nearby Nyungwe National Park is particularly delicious, Rwandan coffee is rapidly making a reputation for itself worldwide, tree tomatoes have a wonderfully tart, tangy flavour, and mangoes, though they aren’t currently in season in Rwanda, should be a favourite with the locals’ sweet tooths. All our ice creams are sold in three flavours – teta (literally meaning ‘come to my arms’, but used as an affectionate diminutive for ‘child’), nshuti (friend, or peer) and cyubariho (elder). Because teta ice creams cost just 400 Rwandan francs (around 65 cents), locals and students can be as much a part of the Inzozi Nziza experience as any tourist or expat.

To accompany our ice creams we offer a number of toppings, including the delicious (and increasingly famous) granola made by local chef Celestine. We love the fact that individuals from Butare, and in particular from our women’s association, can benefit from Inzozi Nziza – we buy eggs from Stephanie, fruit from Epiphanie, sambusas from Leontine – and we hope that, in time, more of our women will launch initiatives to produce the raw materials that we need on a daily basis.

Of course, we don’t just sell ice cream, and as well as Rwandan coffee and fruit juice, we’ve also launched a few innovations, including banana bread and carrot cake, which went down a treat on our opening weekend, and even bagels made by Ivan in Kigali. Cream cheese is still proving hard to come by but hey – everything has to start somewhere.


6 thoughts on “Up and running at Inzozi Nziza

  1. Vicki Fox says:

    You are on our way How exciting What a thrill to be able to read about the process and now the success. Thank you for all you have done and do.

  2. Marla Gitterman says:

    Congratulations to everyone. How thrilling for everyone to see this dream come to fruition. You are all amazing! I look forward to more pictures and stories as the days unfold.

  3. Phyllis Rosen says:

    I am sitting here reading the blog, close to tears, and beyond thrilled. What a stunning, stunning achievement. My heart was in my mouth as I read about the ice cream machine the day before the opening – what a cliffhanger!

    Congratulations to everyone – if you will it, it is no dream.

    Phyllis Rosen

  4. Jennie Dundas says:

    I’ve had Ivan’s bagels with butter– they are amazing!! The best bagels in the world! He proofs them in the sun, and they are made with so much love. I’m so happy the shop was able to arrange to have the bagels! Anyone who goes to Butare must try this ice cream and these bagels — an everything else, too!!

  5. yolanda says:

    i live in buj but was lucky to be in butare with friends on opening day. the icecream was amazing, especially with delicious granola on top. not things we get everyday. and the bagels were great on the bus back to burundi. when will you be opening a franchise here?! i’ll be sure to stop in next time i’m in town.

  6. K66 says:

    Awesome endeavor! Look up gashora girls academy…..possible partnering could be great. Let me know what you think!

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