We did it!

Guess what? Rwanda now has an ice cream shop!

This morning it looked like this…

Right now it looks like this…

We’ve had music…

…and we’ve had dancing.

There’s been laughter…

…and maybe even a few tears…

…but right now, the tills are ringing, the ice cream is cold and delicious, the smiles are wide… and we’re just so happy that a strange, wonderful, sweet dream has come true.


8 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. My body came home but my mind did not. The sight of all this coming true is just beyond words. Alexis, when will you the next one open? I’m ready to come back with Bpeace and do the training!

  2. Cathilee Sharretts says:


  3. Dorothy says:

    Wonderful, wonderful!!!

  4. Vicki Fox says:

    How exciting! Goes to show what magic is possible when committed people collaborate. Who could possibly still believe that one person doesn’t make a difference or that they can’t make a difference? I hope Bpeace can get some very good press so the world can learn of these hopeful situations you have created. What a beautiful story!!!!

  5. Fran Pastore says:

    Alexis and Jenny-congratulations on a dream come true! I remain honored and humbled that I was able to play a very small role in this adventure. My heart is still in Rwanda. I am with Donna…when is the next one launching? Much love and luck to all of the wonderful and inspiring employees too!

  6. Toni Maloney says:

    Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to hear the stories of opening day and beyond! What did Rwandans think of ice cream? What was day 2 like? Repeat customers?

  7. Joanna says:

    Congratulations! Just amazing!

  8. We are SO damn excited for everyone in Butare! We celebrated yesterday with you all during an ice cream social on Governors Island. We had people in tears, too, as they heard the story. All of us at Sundance wish you the very, very best! Big hugs to Kiki and ALL of the women drummers.


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