Counting down to 2pm!

It seems amazing that it’s finally here, but there’s no getting away from it: today is the Inzozi Nziza grand opening! The preparations over… now the ice cream selling begins.

Today’s going to be pretty hectic, but if you want to enjoy the chaos as it happens, stay tuned – we’ll be posting pictures and updates all day long.

Here’s the news on how things stand right now.

It was a big moment yesterday afternoon when we finally pulled down the old 'Coming soon' sign...

...and replaced it (not without difficulty) by our gorgeous new metal one, handcrafted for us by prisoners at the local penitentiary (yes, really)

The official Inzozi Nziza menu was written by Alexis's fair hand at around midnight

And this morning was the last-minute staff briefing. Can anyone spot any nervous faces...?

Stay tuned…!

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