The perfect 10

It started with over 100 women in Ingoma Nshya. More than 90 attended English lessons provided by Blue Marble Dreams. Of those, 17 entered our trainee programme. And now, with our opening date of 5 June fast approaching, we’re proud to show you the talented, committed and inspirational employees who will form the core of the Inzozi Nziza team.

From left to right: Olive, Marie-Claire, Chantal, Leontine, Florence (hidden!), Leocadie, Seraphine, Marie-Rose, Julienne and Laetitia

The Inzozi Nziza employees will assist Marie-Louise and Nikki in running Rwanda’s first ever local ice cream shop!

Right now the team is hard at work with last-minute preparations and practice runs ready for the big opening. There’s lots to learn, from baking cakes to freezing fruit pops… but our employees seem to be loving every minute of it.

Learning to pasteurise local Rwandan milk

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3 thoughts on “The perfect 10

  1. Donna Fleetwood says:

    Loving every minute of reading your updates and seeing the photos!

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