Is it just us… or is this starting to look like an ice cream shop?!

With just a week to go until the Inzozi Nziza grand opening, we’re very happy (or should that be relieved?) to report on the progress with the shop itself.

It was only two weeks ago that a typical view of our interior looked like this:

So what about now? Can you spot the difference…?

It's the clean, mean ice cream shop of our dreams...!

Get your delicious soft scoop ice cream, freshly made from local ingredients, here!

Of course it’s lovely to have a shop suddenly looking so full… but it doesn’t compare to the joy we felt when our trainees first walked in to see everything in place.

Julienne is first through the door... and we take the smile as a sign of approval!

This is the response when the cones were unpacked... just wait till these women sell their first ice cream!

There was no shortage of volunteers to try out our al fresco patio seating

As you can tell, we’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves. But, when we think about it, we still don’t have a shop sign (it’s being made by craftsmen at the local prison). We don’t have a fridge (though we’re told it’s somewhere in African airspace). Opening day is suddenly looking very, very near.

Do you enjoy a nail-biting, down-to-the-wire finish? Then stay tuned…!


3 thoughts on “Is it just us… or is this starting to look like an ice cream shop?!

  1. Ed says:

    I admire your vision, but I was just wondering who buys icecream in Rwanda?p7 p.s. I’ve linked you on my website Keep p the good work!

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  3. […] English. And as his fluency grows, Aime is also thrilled to see how the shop has developed. The transformation is truly incredible – what was just an empty storefront and a bright idea a few months ago has […]

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