More than just a Bpeace of paper!

At the end of an amazing, inspiring week with Bpeace, our 17 Inzozi Nziza trainees were rewarded with two certificates: one in customer service, and one in business and personal finance. For readers of this blog outside of Africa, it might be hard to appreciate just how much these awards meant to women who, in many cases, have received very little formal education. As Seraphine announced in her acceptance speech: “I now have four certificates. Two are in theatre, and now I have two in business – and they’re all thanks to Kiki”.

Alphonsine accepts her certificate from Donna of Bpeace

After a just a week together, the bond between the trainees and the trainers was clear to see...

...though nothing is ever entirely serious when the Inzozi Nziza women are involved!

In the end, it was left to Kiki to thank Bpeace for their work. “Thank you for coming all this way to train us,” she said. “You have made us feel really important, really precious, and this is not a usual feeling for us.
“This week has been so important. It gives us energy, enthusiasm, and strength. By people coming here and believing in us, it says yes, let’s continue to dream.”


3 thoughts on “More than just a Bpeace of paper!

  1. Thank you for posting this! It was truly one of the best weeks of my life and the Bpeace trainers were so moved by these amazing women. Blessings to the Blue Marble Team and the future employees of Inzozi Nziza

    • Inzozi Nziza says:

      Donna, the thanks are all ours! It was such a pleasure to meet you and we hope to see you again in Butare! x

  2. […] and share our darkest secret with you. You’ve read about our amazing staff. You know how training with Bpeace went like a dream. You’ve seen pictures of how our empty shell became something that – […]

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