Training starts here

With the interviews out of the way, Nikki, Marie-Louise, Kiki and Gloria faced the difficult task of choosing who would make our list of 17 trainees. Each of these would complete our full educational programme, beginning with food safety, extra English lessons and basic accounting, then culminating in a week of intensive training from BPeace that would cover everything from customer service to managing personal finances. In the last week they’ll learn about the food itself – including actually making our soft-serve ice cream! – and then we’ll whittle down the list of 17 to 10 official Inzozi Nziza employees. We haven’t forgotten about the rest of Ingoma Nshya, though… even though we can only offer employment to ten women, English lessons are continuing to help everyone improve their skillsets and employability.

So, following English lesson (and with the cameras once again in attendance), we announced the names of the trainees. Congratulations Aline, Alphonsine, Chantal, Drocelle, Eugenie, Florence, Julienne, Leatitia, Leocadie, Leontine, Marie-Claire, Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Rose, Olive, Restude, Seraphine and Valentine!

Inzozi Nziza's trainees take the plaudits as Nikki and Marie-Louise (left) make the big announcement

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2 thoughts on “Training starts here

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