Inzozi Nziza… now in colour!

Last week was hectic here at Inzozi Nziza. English lessons continue apace, we’ve met with the mayor and the National University, we’ve had a national holiday to mark ten years since the formation of Rwanda’s national police force… and, of course, we’re still working on transforming our shop, inside and out, into the happy oasis of calm it will one day be.

First things first… we got to work adding a splash of colour to our whitewhitewhite interior.

Let there be colour...!

Enter Cellexte, local brush-man par excellence

Hey presto! Inzozi Nziza begins to look beautiful

With our high-level squares complete, we can start work on the walls, where blue and white stripes are the order of the day.

Makes you smile, don't it?

Meanwhile, it’s all systems go on the exterior as work begins on our patio. Inzozi Nziza will have three outdoor seating areas, making it the perfect place to eat ice cream, drink coffee and watch the world go by.

Progress is fast...

...and soon the concrete is finished and beautifully smooth. Ice cream al fresco, anyone?

And of course, we use only the finest materials.


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